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NanSei is a not-for-profit organization wholly focused on serving the aboriginal farmers of Tamil Nadu.

NanSei came to life on the 20th of January 2017 when a duo of friends recognized a small group of helpless farmers fighting for justice amidst a huge chaotic throng of people. This scenario made a cognitive and an emotional impact on the duo that on further analysis of the situation it instilled a new passion in them to alleviate the unfortunate circumstance of the farmers of Tamil Nadu.

Nansei aims at identifying and helping farmers in distress, who are stuck in the indefinite vicious debt cycle, by providing them with financial assistance.


NanSei aims at spreading awareness on issues which affect the farmers life. We put in best effort to fund projects that are meaningful to farmers and quantifiable in the long run, to prevent farmer suicides. NanSei works towards becoming the backbone of rural community self-reliant and help them live with dignity and dispel this sense of gloom that has set in, in the villages of Tamil Nadu.


Farmers, once one of the most celebrated communities and the nation’s pride are today struggling to survive, as their sustainability becomes a national concern. With steadily increasing farmer suicides over the years, it’s high time that we take this issue seriously & come together to start a nationwide movement, to help those who keep up from starving.


Team NanSei approaches severely hit drought areas in Tamil Nadu to conduct a detailed survey on the farmers’ financial situation. Information such as their monthly income, acres of land owned, equipment owned and current debt shall be assessed before money is donated to them.