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Sathyamangalam Field Work Trip

On the 5th of April, 2017, the fieldwork team of NanSei took its course of action to meet and gain knowledge on organic farming from Mr. Thirumoorthy. Mr.ThiruMurthy is a follower of G. Nammalvar and one of the finest agriculturalist in Tamil Nadu who swears by the art of organic farming. He is the epitome of kindness and selflessness. He spends most of his time professing the benefits of organic farming and helps spread awareness of the same.

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Thanjavur Trip

Being our second field work, the team decided to interview some of the most deprived farmers of Thanjavur. Thanjavur being reported as one of the most severely affected places surprisingly had a very calm and beautiful environment. We were hosted by our guide- Mr.Thamarai who is a follower of G.Nammalvar, an ardent preacher of organic methods of farming. We started our mission to interview some of the less privileged farmers in the forenoon which extended till the evening.

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Milan 2017

NanSei had its first official promotional launch on the 12th of March at the campus of SRM University, Katangulathur, Tamil Nadu. MILAN being one of the grandest college cultural festival in the state, witnessed an estimate of 12,000 students attending the event. The event management and public relations team of NanSei, with a team of 16 members showed their support by managing the entire event at the host venue. The total budget for the event was Rs.9000.

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