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Sathyamangalam Field Work Trip

Sathyamangalam Field Work Trip

On the 5th of April, 2017, the fieldwork team of NanSei took its course of action to meet and gain knowledge on organic farming from Mr. Thirumoorthy.

Mr.ThiruMurthy is a follower of G. Nammalvar and one of the finest agriculturalist in Tamil Nadu who swears by the art of organic farming. He is the epitome of kindness and selflessness. He spends most of his time professing the benefits of organic farming and helps spread awareness of the same.

A team of 5 commenced the one-day trip from Chennai to Sathyamangalam, a municipality in the district of Erode, Tamil Nadu. We were introduced to a completely different style of living. The town of Sathyamangalam was covered with lush green farms and hardworking farmers. We had the honour to share a meal with the family of Mr. Thirumurthy who also selflessly offered space to refresh and rest.

We were then taken on a tour around the farms wherein we learnt the benefits of organic farming and the use of solar panels. We also had the opportunity to meet two more highly esteemed industrialists from Erode districts and their respective families.

A lot of our questions were answered and knowledge acquired. Our confidence levels to take NanSei a level higher was boosted within us from all the information and appreciation recieved.

With a heavy heart and a full stomach, we bid farewell to the families, friendly animals and the beautiful environment and left to Chennai later that evening.

We kind-heartedly thank Thirumoorthy Sir for his hospitality and the knowledge he has imparted to team NanSei.

For more insight, please check our gallery for the pictures from the trip.