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Thanjavur Trip

Being our second field work, the team decided to interview some of the most deprived farmers of Thanjavur. Thanjavur being reported as one of the most severely affected places surprisingly had a very calm and beautiful environment. We were hosted by our guide- Mr.Thamarai who is a follower of G.Nammalvar, an ardent preacher of organic methods of farming.

We started our mission to interview some of the less privileged farmers in the forenoon which extended till the evening. We had the opportunity to meet and talk to over a dozen farmers. Some of their stories moved us and made us realise how lucky we are to have all that we have.

At the end of the interviews, we were set with an aim and motive to somehow help these deprived farmers from all the struggle they have been put through.

This trip was a learning experience to each and every one of us to appreciate every small relation, necessity and luxury we enjoy.